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Bottling of wines for third parties

The Cantine Capuzzimati are equipped with modern systems that allow you to take care of the entire process of refining and bottling the wines.

In fact, since 1998 the company has specialized in third party service, ensuring the highest standards of service quality, dealing with:

  • Find the raw materials (wine, bottles, labels, caps, capsules, packaging);
  • clarification, filtering and refinement of wines;
  • bottling and packaging in various formats from lt. 0.375, 0.500 l, 0.750 l, 1 l, 1.5 l;
  • wine consultancy services throughout the year with assistance during the grape harvest, fermentation and bottling of wine.

The bottling activity takes place throughout the year.

Wine consultancy service

The oenological consultancy activity is carried out by our Oenologist Mario Capuzzimati and consists of:

  • assistance in harvesting and vinification;
  • assistance in maturation;
  • bottling assistance;
  • wine analysis for the entire duration of the production process.


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